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Why Choose Us

Moo IT Solutions is a proud employer of Military Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States. Founded in 2006, Moo IT Solutions embodies the tech industry: intelligent, efficient, low waste, and high return. We succeed when your business thrives—by becoming better managed. Driven by a competent team of knowledgeable IT professionals, we deliver outstanding service and top-level counsel to our clients.

Our Specialty

Our services will help you save time and increase productivity. When a manager spends a significant amount of time dealing with IT issues, many small firms lose productivity without realizing it. Your company can save a lot by the expense of utilizing a top-notch IT firm like us.


Even if the server breaks, our backup and disaster recovery technologies keep your team working.

Specialists won’t waste time looking for data they should already have because of comprehensive documentation.
We provide much on-site personnel to help significant projects run more smoothly and efficiently with less downtime.
You won’t have to wait for the system to load before you can get back to work because of your fast and dependable network

Our Team

Anthony Moussa, founder, Moo IT.

Anthony Moussa, firm founder, fearless techie, and resident entrepreneur puts the Moo in Moo IT. Anthony is a visionary with 20 years of experience consulting on all aspects of computer and networking hardware and software for numerous clients. His expertise evolved with his emerging profession, from MS-DOS to advances in virtualization, streaming desktops, and cloud solutions. Anthony draws from his deep understanding of the industry to facilitate clients’ understanding of what is needed to secure information, maximize efficiencies and support business needs.

Tim Wilson, Vice President, Moo IT.

Tim is a veteran IT Professional with a keen knowledge and experience in technology architectures and engineering across multiple business functions and diverse technical environments. With over 15 years of experience in the technology solutions field, he is adept at developing an outstanding rapport with clients by delivering cost-effective IT solutions coupled with high-level project management services. As vice president, he is responsible for providing the company vision for the future and fostering and solidifying current client relationships. Tim is an avid golfer who enjoys spending time with his wife, two kids, and their English Bulldog. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Sacred Heart University.

Chris Pazden, Operations Manager, Moo IT.

Chris Pazden is a highly skilled IT specialist with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, specializing in security since 2014. He has held various positions ranging from Digital Analyst, Support Manager to IT operations manager.